In-depth know-how, experience and an efficient network are required for the acquisition of viable properties and portfolios as well as the settlement of the investment. We have the necessary market knowledge, a success orientated concept and excellent connections to acquire highly profitable properties and to achieve optimal results. For years numerous German and international investors have rendered our services. They much appreciate our personal advice and assistance.

The key to success is a good preparation of the investment

A property requires a thorough review before its purchase. With the support of our expert network the lease agreement including any supplements is firstly checked to legal certainty (commercial due diligence) followed by the assessment of technical details and the current state of construction (technical due diligence). Furthermore, the sustainability of the site as well as the creditworthiness of the tenants is individually verified. We pay particular attention to the macro and micro situation. A thorough due diligence allows a realistic assessment of the risks and chances of the property and thereby a secure and sustainable return on investment for the investor.

Thorough property examinations are the basis for a trustful cooperation with Kai Johansen.

Our due diligence – effective, reliable and accurate

Determing the value of a property requires complete knowledge and thorough evaluation of the property. The value determination is also an essential part of the process in order to avoid damage claims or price reductions after the conclusion of the agreement. Due diligence exercises often require much time as necessary documents are incomplete, inconsistent or not up to date.

We are familiar with these barriers and know how to perform an effective and detailed due diligence exercise. Missing documents or required supplements are procured by our lawyers and service providers. We coordinate the commercial and technical due diligence between the parties and service providers until the finalisation of the due diligence or red flag report. Afterwards we accompany the parties until the notarisation of the purchase contract and its completion (closing).

Due Diligence – Request List

You can print a request list specifying all required documents for the due diligence here.

Attractive investment properties

By click on the right button you will find our current real estate offers. For discretionary reasons not all properties are visible. If you have specific investment criterias, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help.

Financing investment properties –
without personal liability.

We also offer to arrange the financing.

The following properties may be financed: Commercial properties, student residences, nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals, medical centres, office and administrative buildings, car parks, DIY stores, logistic properties, residential buildings, apartment houses, hotels (min. 80 rooms) and petrol stations. You are not personally liable in our loans; merely the property is liable. Financing is prepared for all properties offered by us. This results in no additional expenditure or delays for you. We are also happy to support the refunding or forward loan of your properties or already existing fundings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you quickly and discreet!



Specific requirements are necessary for a successful sale of investment properties. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the property as well as consider the mentality and line of argumentation of the potential buyers.

We know our investors very well and clearly recognise which properties are interesting for them. Our search is based on clearly defined investment profiles for the right properties within the specific target areas. This is a benefit for you in your role as seller as we only contact you, if we already have a interested party for you! We represent several foreign and domestic investment groups covering investment requirements between € 15m and € 300m per year.


What are we searching?

  • Commercial properties: Discounter, full range suppliers, retail parks, self-service department stores, DIY markets, shopping centres, district centres with up to 5 year contracts or a minimum of 12 years Purchase price volume between € 1.2m and € 120m per individual property, portfolios between € 30m and € 300m
  • Office buildings starting at € 10m including credit strong tenants, prestige objects starting at € 200m
  • Sale and lease back properties (minimum € 2m)
  • Special properties such as petrol stations, car service stations, municipal buildings, fast food restaurants
  • Residential buildings between 200 an 20,000 units located in Berlin and West Germany
  • Senior nursing homes, preferred existing properties with credit strong tenants
  • Hotels in large cities with well-known tenants, e.g. Accor, and long-term lease agreements (no management contracts)
  • Logistics properties: Properties with well-known tenants, also possible as portfolio

Who buys?
Buyers are our long-standing investors from Germany and abroad. Alternatively we will purchase the property directly from you.

Where we search?
We are looking for properties nationwide.

Purchase price?
The purchase price is calculated individually and depends on the location, lease terms and the tenant’s creditworthiness.

How long does the purchase transaction last?
A transaction may be completed between a time period of four to six weeks, if all necessary documents are being provided.

Which documents are required for the completion of purchase?

  • Photos of the property’s external appearance
  • Effective area calculations and curvature analyses
  • Site and ground plans
  • Tenant’s list with lease options and indexations
  • List of non apportionable service charges



Johansen Handelsimmobilien GmbH & Co. KG creates a win win situation for all parties:
Seller, buyer and broker.

You as a broker and your seller benefit from our expertise and long-term professional experience with numerous processed transactions.

Our professional cooperation allows you to present a suitable buyer to your principal at short notice. We undertake the complete purchase transaction including due diligence for you. This enables you to concentrate on your daily business.

Thereby it is important that you have been legitimised by the seller and that you have not been offered the property from other brokers. In principle we refuse working with estate agent chains.



Our long-standing customers have a great interest in purchasing investment properties. As a result we seek nationwide suitable properties by order and purchase mandate. There are numerous reasons why customers wish to sell individual properties or their entire real estate portfolio.

  • Age, disease, inheritance
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Deduction regulations
  • Basel II or III
  • Inconsolable differences with banks, no financing opportunities
  • Dissolution, separations

We support your clients individually and target oriented!

  • Sales (private sale or by a bid process) to well-chosen investors
  • Financing/refunding/non recourse solutions
  • Provision of equity capital by financial investors
  • Interim finance
  • Revitalisation of aged properties

As a financial service provider, property manager, fund manager, tax adviser, liquidator, lawyer, NPL advisor or auditor you probably serve numerous clients looking for a solution.

Please feel free to contact us.

E-mail: info@johansen-handelsimmobilien.de

Phone: +49-4774-3600-92